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May 24, 2011

IGET-Network membership is open to individuals and groups representing diverse professions including k-12 thru higher education educators, gifted education specialists, science, technology and math specialists, school administrators, community leaders, parents and student teachers. Our members tend to subscribe to the belief that classroom teachers should be adequately equipped with the knowledge, skills and right attitudes to recognize and nurture the exceptionalities of children with high potentials in all domains including intellectual, creative/artistic, leadership and academic abilities.


Please help support the International Gifted Education Teacher-Development Network (IGET-Network, LLC) and make a difference in the lives of classroom teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills to meet the educational needs of gifted, talented and creative children in Africa, South America and other countries.

Your DONATIONS can make a tremendous difference over an expanded period of time and in fact, throughout a young child’s life. Please also consider contributing to our fundraising efforts to make the International Symposium on Culturally Diverse Gifted and Creative Learners a success, as we share scholarship of leading gifted and talented practitioners and researchers.  Thank you.


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