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May 24, 2011

ANNOUNCING IGET-Network, LLC  “NEW BOOK”: Running the Long Race in Gifted Education: Narratives and Interviews from Culturally Diverse Gifted Adults, co-edited by Joy M. Scott-Carrol, PhD and Anthony Sparks, PhD.  Visit our website at:


In addition to our Level I thru Level IV teacher training seminars we are also available to contract with school districts, individuals, families, community organizations, institutions of higher learning and others for the following services. Fees listed are in US dollars:

Enrichment Programs for Primary and Secondary School Learners
Experienced network consultants assist school districts with designing custom tailored enrichment programs for children recognized as gifted or high potential. Our program recommendations (e.g., acceleration, after-school enrichment or weekend) are modeled after successful and respected programs within the international community of gifted education scholarship and practice.    Fees begin at $500.00USD per day depending on whether electronic communication or arranged onsite visits  where host pays consultant airfare and accommodations.

Summer Programs for Gifted Children
Consultants assist gifted/high potential learners ages 10-17 complete the application process to participate in summer enrichment programs, such as the three-week summer program sponsored by SIG Summer Institute for the Gifted (USA). Application process includes selection, personal interviews and student/parent-guardian orientation to host country—obtaining visas, passports, etc.   Fees begin at $35.00USD per hour per client.

Parent, Family and Community Involvement Workshops
Our network sponsored parent, family and community workshops are designed to strengthen and encourage supportive relationships between gifted/high potential learners and significant others as they transition to university studies or enter careers that send them away from home and community.  Fees begin at $35.00USD per family member.

Teach College-University Teacher Education Gifted Education Courses (Intro to Advance)
Our highly credentialed and experienced international gifted education professors will teach on-site gifted education courses in university teacher education programs and school systems’ teacher professional development in-service.  Fees based on comparable salaries of host university professorial salaries.

University/College Application Process for International Students
Our experienced school/college guidance experts provide personalized counseling for secondary students interested in pursuing university degrees in the United States. Individually tailored counseling sessions are designed to assist international students with the search, selection and application completion process. Fees begin at $350.00USD per hour.

Designing International Pen Pals (For ages 6-12)
Network consultants assist classroom teachers with arranging and designing international Pen-Pal friendships among children ages 6-12. Fees begin at $200.00USD per arrangement.

International Exchanges
This service is structured to assist primary, secondary and higher learning institutions with international student-teacher, teacher-teacher and administrator-administrator exchanges. The process includes multiple on site-school visitations and extensive collaboration with administrators. Fees begin at $350.00USD per hour.

*consultant fees are based on market rate of the host country.  Our fees also take into consideration education system’s resources, need and dedication to the sustainability of gifted education programming.  All fees are negotiable and do not include twenty-percent (20%) administrative costs.

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