Teacher Development

May 24, 2011

Teacher Training Seminar


Level I
Level I seminar training is an introduction to the gifted education field of study and practice since the early 1930s to the present. Participants examine historical documents in relation to gifted education theory, philosophy, definitions/terminology and multiple perspectives.  A major component of this seminar is appreciating the embrace of culturally diverse gifted learners (e.g., racial, ethnic, linguistic, economically disadvantaged, twice exceptional).  Our introductory seminar also includes open discussions that encourage participants to make a solid case for recognizing gifted/high potential learners in their home country or school community.  Practicing teachers, school administrators and officials, teacher education students, parents and community members will benefit and enjoy.  Level I training is a prerequisite to enrolling in all subsequent seminars.

Level II
Level II seminar training offers an in-depth exploration and analysis of “gifted characteristics” within diverse communities and geographic areas.  Participants receive training on how to use a best practice teacher observation instrument (Project U-Stars Plus TOPS) designed to recognize high potential within classrooms of primary school learners.  Level II training also includes an introduction to multiple criteria identification strategies useful for upper grade level recognition.  An individual (or group) presentation defending a “gifted” identification method is required.  Practicing teachers, school administrators and officials, teacher education students, parents and community members will benefit and enjoy.

Level III
Level III seminar training explores diverse instructional techniques and strategies applied in both the inclusive and/or self-contained classroom of gifted learners.  Actual examples of classroom differentiation and other teaching strategies are examined and studied for practicality and applicability within specific school communities.  Classroom teachers and teacher education students will benefit and enjoy.

Level IV
Level IV—Hands-On Program Design.  At this level teachers, administrators and other stakeholders (parents, community leaders) design extra-curricular programs tailored for the gifted learner.  Such programs may include after-school or weekend enrichment, self-contained classrooms within schools, specialized secondary school enrichment– such as in the sciences, leadership talent search, family/community involvement activities, grade-level acceleration and other support services for all levels of gifted and high potential learners. All programs promoted in this seminar are based on scholarly research and as well as model schools/centers for gifted and talented centers.

Prerequisite:  Level I thru Level III seminar training.


Initial School Officials/Administrator Seminar

This seminar provides education administrators and policy makers an opportunity to learn about giftedness and to understand the social/emotional needs of these exceptional learners who, because of the very nature of their exceptionalities, can be at risk.  Builds awareness on how to raise the achievement level of all learners, including the gifted, through curricular and instructional differentiation of interests and learning styles.   Provides the foundation for Level I thru IV seminars.

One International Consultant, $750.00USD, 1 full day seminar for administrators and one half day workshop for community members and parents.  Hosting country pays consultant airfare and accommodations.


Level I thru IV Seminar: 1 or 2 consultants at $998.00USD per day, 3 days minimum. Hosting country pays consultant airfare and accommodations.

All fees are negotiable and based on host resources. Administrative fees amount to twenty-percent of total negotiated package.

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