May 24, 2011

Potential Student Teachers

What is the purpose of the E-Mentoring Program?

Some primary school teachers believe they have recognized children in their classrooms who are exceptionally bright and performing two or three grade levels beyond their peers. On the other hand, many secondary school teachers admit that they are at a lost when they “discover” exceptionally bright learners whose gifts and talents have not been recognized or nurtured in the earlier years. The purpose of our E- Mentorship Program is to connect these primary and secondary school teachers (Mentees) with international gifted education specialists/experts (Mentors), who can provide classroom guidance, support and diverse teaching strategies.

How does E-Mentoring work?

The IGET-Network e-mentorship program is an international communication exchange between Mentees and their international Mentors. Communication is in the form of email exchanges. Although, some participants may find other forms of internet communication programs such as Skype, more beneficial to the mentoring relationship.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

While our focus is on attracting beginning teachers as mentees, on the recommendation of an IGET-Network Associate Director, any grade-level teacher employed in South African, Caribbean, Botswana and South American primary or secondary schools may participate. Our online application will request demographic information and the name of the school where you teach.

How Will I Find a Mentor? (click here)

You will be directed to the Our Mentor website link where you will simply browse through mentor profiles. Each mentor’s profile will describe his/her area of specialty in teaching gifted learners, subject-area interests, grade-level preferences and a few other details extracted from their application to register with us as an e-mentor. We select only highly experienced, knowledgeable and credentialed gifted education classroom teachers as Mentors.

How Can I Register as a Mentor?

Prospective mentors must complete a two page application that will include demographic information such as education, employment history, personal data (age, gender); names of two references; subject-matter and grade level interests; a brief summary describing interests in mentoring teachers in other countries; and teaching strategies experience in culturally (e.g., racial, language differences, economically disadvantaged) diverse classrooms. Only individuals with direct classroom experience should apply.

Please click here for mentor application.

Recruiting E-Mentors

South Africa Teacher Mentees

Uruguay Teacher Mentees

Uruguay Teacher Mentees SPANISH

Botswana Teacher Mentees


What is the cost?

No Cost. E-Mentoring is currently a non-contractual IGET-Network service.

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