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May 24, 2011

Site_IconANNOUNCING IGET-Network, LLC  “NEW BOOK”: Running the Long Race in Gifted Education: Narratives and Interviews from Culturally Diverse Gifted Adults, co-edited by Joy M. Scott-Carrol, PhD and Anthony Sparks, PhD.

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The International Gifted Education Teacher-Development Network’s fundamental purpose is to deliver world-wide best practices in the gifted education field of study and practice, to countries where gifted education is not typically incorporated into school governance policies. Critical to our mission is the inclusion of classroom teachers in the recognition and nurturance of the exceptionalities of culturally diverse gifted learners. We aim to accomplish this by educating and training schools and teachers to detect and support culturally diverse learners’ potential for achieving at high level, far beyond what is often expected of them. We embrace an appreciation of cultural differences and a respect for tradition and values. We aim to selflessly share a broad base of international expertise, duplicate (to the extent possible) successful program practices and services, and offer a unique level of support to primary/secondary schools and institutions of higher learning.

IGET-Network’s professional colleagues and members are international educators, school administrators and leaders, school psychologists, academic scholars and researchers, community leaders and families of gifted learners. They represent countries throughout the world, including South Africa, North and South America, India, Botswana, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean. IGET-Network is an offshoot of the Wits School of Education (WSoE) teacher education program elective course “Education of Culturally Diverse Gifted Learners,” taught by the network co-founders, Visiting Professor Dr. Joy M. Scott and Professor Dr. Ruksana Osman, Head of the Wits School of Education.

Our MissionCaribbean4

The IGET-Network Difference.  It is our mission to cross borders into areas where children possess outstanding potential yet, because of extenuating circumstances, are never recognized as gifted, talented or having high potential. We believe it takes the support of the whole village to propel a child to achieve at outstanding levels (e.g., academically, creatively, intellectually, artistically and in leadership ability). With this abundant support, the gifted child can unleash a potent ability, strong enough to help him or her matriculate into top colleges, pursue challenging career paths, and take on leadership roles. IGET-Network’s relevance lies in its collaborative effort, connecting parents, teachers and researchers, to provide an ideal platform for all involved in educating and supporting the gifted.


School Children in South AfricaWe matter because, at the click of a single button, a teacher can find resources to make their teaching better suited to gifted children; a parent can find quick support and advice on parenting gifted children; and researchers can share cutting-edge ideas on being gifted—all of this in one go.

Most importantly, we matter because we make visible our future leaders—doctors, lawyers, teachers and beyond. Through our organization, we show that we care and that giftedness matters.

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